How to get found in Google, Yahoo and Bing and getting listed in the most important directories.

Almost Everyone Has A Desire To Get Found Online. Here's How To Make It A Reality Without The Learning Curve.

...we'll do the work while you attend your business.

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and Load Your Head Marketing
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Dear Friend,

You have to stop and think...How much MORE money would you have made if you had implemented these strategies this time last year??

And how much is procrastinating costing you in new business?

So by now you've had time to read our Free PDF "THE POWER OF ONLINE DIRECTORIES".

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It's our Citation Audit and Directory Submission service.

We are serious about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs be successful and we know how overwhelming it can be to wade through the oceans of information out there on advertising, digital marketing strategies, being found online and everything else you need to know to run a business.

But if you’re ready to get laser-focused on moving your business forward, you must cut through the clutter and put into practice what is working right now for others.

You Can't Expect Results Without Implementation.

After all, what value is in all that information found in The Power of Online Directories without having a plan and putting it into action.

That's why we’re offering a done for you service at a dramatically discounted price that is real, practical, digital marketing service that has worked for other people just like you -

...people who wanted to know exactly what they needed to do to attract their ideal customers and turn those new prospects into happy, buying customers who are glad to pull out their wallets and pay you for your services.

And I'm Offering Some Kickers That Add Massive Value!

Let's start with doing a comprehensive audit. Everybody serious knows this has to be done to clean things up!


Achieve Higher Rankings With Our Citation Audit!


All local businesses should always start with a Citation Audit. While the citations we offer here will lay the foundation for the rest of your campaign, we need to make sure the “land” is stable first.

Really...just getting into these directories isn't enough. You have to root out everywhere you're listed and check for inaccuracies.

The analysis will give us a quick survey of the situation and help ensure that your foundation is set strong. When an analysis is completed, you will receive a full report. This will give you the peace of mind that your efforts aren’t going to be wasted moving forward.

  • Duplicates - Duplicate listings on the same directory
  • Mismatches - Listings for your business that have the wrong Business Name, Physical Address, or Phone Number (or just the 800 number and no local number). This can get especially complicated for doctors and lawyers.
  • Incomplete Citations - It's important that you fill out the profiles to completion once you've claimed them. This includes adding photo and filling out every field there is an option for.


Your Business Listing On The Three Most Influential Data Aggregators On The Web!

We start by submitting your accurate Name, Address and Phone (NAP) information hand-built into the three most influential data aggregators on the web. No Bots!



When it comes to the fundamentals of local SEO success, you will always find citations at its core. Remember, each citation is a documentation of your business’ name, address, and phone number.

It’s the most important thing for potential clients trying to reach you.

At the end of the day, Google is trying to bring quality results to the millions of questions it gets every day. If your NAP information is not consistent, it’s confusing to both Google and consumers alike.



Hand Entered NAP Into 22 Of The Most Important Business Listings

And you won’t have to spend your precious time logging on to each site and figuring out what goes where and properly optimizing each listing because we’re doing it all for you. All by hand. I promise.

We’re Not Afraid Of Making Bold Offers If That What Takes To Help You Succeed.

  • Hand-Built Listing On The Three Most Influential Data Aggregators On The Web. These three influence several major names such as Yellowpages, Yelp, SuperPages, Google Maps, TomTom, and MapQuest, as well as Bing, AOL, and Local for Yahoo. Value - $195
  • Hand-Built Listing in 22 Of The Most Important Business Listing Sites. These listings are the most important thing for potential clients trying to reach you. Value - $220
  • Citation Audit Will Show Exactly What Needs To Be Fixed For Any Existing Listings. Report detailing where you are listed now and how you are listed. Value - $165

The total value of this offer goes beyond the hard costs of $580 when you consider the business opportunities that await once your business is properly recognized by the search engines.

You may be asking yourself about now why am I making this incredible offer. Honestly, I hope we do such a fantastic job that you’ll consider using are other marketing services.

So Don’t Just Keep Surviving In Your Business...

Start thriving by taking advantage of a fabulous offer on one of the MAJOR ways of getting found on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

And if you're saying to yourself..."hey I'm already in a couple of these already, where is the value in this for me?"

You may very well be. Most likely if you've been in business for any amount of time you are in some of these. I would hope that would be the case.

The real value in this offer is in the comprehensive approach we take which starts with the audit and finishes with a fully optimized listing for each submission. It goes beyond any piece meal effort employed my many of those business owners thinking they're getting any value by signing up in to a directory in a hodge-podge manner. Or never really optimizing any of the listings.

I'll even hazard a guess and say the reason you're reading this now is you are not getting the results you want when you go to look for your business online.

Am I right?

Our mantra is simple, if it doesn’t impact rankings head on, we don’t mess with it.

  • Data Backed: Based on 1000s of hours of testing & 3 years of campaigns.
  • Robust, valuable citations, show Google you mean business. No thin, spammy B.S.
  • Durable, timeless local ranking strategy.
  • Syncs up perfectly with any organic link building strategy.

1. Full Citation Audit

2. Local Citations Building

For a very small investment, these online directories can help your small business:

  • Expand your website traffic.
  • Increase the likelihood that you will be found by interested viewers.
  • Make More Sales.

There are very few Internet marketing techniques that will offer so many benefits for such a small investment on your part. Listing your business in the most important online directories the CORRECT way will increase your website’s online presence and help more people find you, which can help you increase your business’s revenue.

To Be Successful You Need Massive Action

Quit trying to figure it all out on your own. Don't let this low cost offer fool you into believing there's little value in these techniques.

You just happened to stumble upon a guy that dosen't believe in the fantastical fees these other companies want to charge for the same services ...

And, if you are not completely satisfied with the performance of our services, please let me know and I'll promptly return you money.

And for a limited time I'm going to make this offer even better with our Competitor Analysis Report ...

The Bonuses!

FREE Search Engine Optimization Site Audit.

Your Web Page vs Your Competitor's Web Page

You gotta have bonuses, right?

Well ...I'm offering a FREE SEO analysis that will help you boost your Google rankings.

It's the ultimate spy tool. This report is chocked full of actionable intel and shows you how well you are doing against the competition.

This report will give you the valuable insights you need, the intel and competitor analysis that moves the needle.

This will be a side by side analysis between you and a competitor's name you will supply.

  • Provides Google Page Speed, which is a strong SEO ranking signal.
  • Effective Use of Your Top Five Keywords
  • Effective use of Schema: Increase chances of Google showing rich snippets of your site in the search results. (If you don't know schema, this should be your new best friend!)
  • Dramatically Increase Targeted Traffic, Conversions, and Sales From Your Website.
  • $245 Value.

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Brian Schroeder
Load Your Head Marketing

P.S. Here's a recap of everything.

Step One: Citation Audit For Your Business

Step Two: Listings In The Three Most Powerful Aggregators.

Step Three: Fully Optimized Listings in The Top 22 Online Directories That Matter

Get Found Where People Are Searching: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

BONUS: Free SEO Audit With Competitor Analysis.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Order now while it’s right at your fingertips. Don’t let another day go by without getting established in these powerful directories.

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