There has never been a better time to be a small business owner than now! The internet has proven to be a tremendous equalizer. Access to customer audiences used to be controlled by large advertising agencies. Big budgets, large teams and roll outs that would take what seemed like forever. We're a local Round Rock SEO company and we'll show you our formula for ranking in local search.



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The landscape has changed and with the proper techniques, you could have an online presence that could rival a fortune 1000 company in no time. The only real decision is whether you bring in someone in-house, you do it yourself as a business owner, or you contract it out to a nimble internet marketing company.


If you staff the position in-house, it’s expensive. And chances are there just isn’t enough work for a position of this nature. If you are currently doing it yourself, you will never be able to scale your business. You will always be tied down with what is often very time consuming tasks, not to mention the need for you to become an SEO expert to stay on top of techniques.


Which leads us to outsourcing. Which is perfect for most businesses that are concerned with the bottom line. It allows them to remain nimble, yet utilize best practices.


Our philosophy at Load Your Head Marketing is to stick with what is working now. We’re not going to lead you down any trail unless it has had performed in the past and show proven results.



Any local Round Rock business that relies on local clients.

Both Brick and Mortar or Service Based

Those wanting a straightforward and easy way to rank for local searches and in the Map-Pack

Anyone who has struggled in the past to get good rankings – we’ll show you our simple formula.





The two domains of search engine optimization (SEO) are onsite and offsite. Which simply means how well your website is optimized for the business you want to attract (onsite) and where else you are listed or have content on the internet (offsite).


So lets get into each and I’ll show you our simple formula for being found when someone goes to use search.

  1. Properly optimized and built out Google My Business listing and good reviews.
  2. Listing your business the right way on all the important online directories. These are called citations, and they are important.
  3. Claiming all of your social media sites before someone else does to control your brand image online. Good reviews and social media are primary factors for reputation management.
  4. Providing relevant content either through a blog or having cornerstone pages and properly optimizing throughout you website for the type of customer you want to do business with.
  5. Having links to strategic pages of your website on other websites with a high domain authority.
  6. Everything working together like a well oiled machine.
  7. No cookie cutter campaigns, we're a local Round Rock SEO company working with local Round Rock companies.



It always starts with keyword research. This will determines the traffic you want coming to your website. For example, a local plumber wanting water heater business will want to rank for “water heater repair near meand notfix leaky faucet”.


We’ll also perform an audit that will scan the website for all the directories you are showing up in. The big problem holding back a lot of campaigns is incorrect or inconsistent citations. If you are like most businesses and have been around for awhile, these directories will crawl the internet looking for businesses just like yours and will create a listing. But it may be pulling from unreliable sources which has bad or outdated information for you and certainly won’t be properly optimized, filled out the max and included rich media. That’s just a fancy term for inserting your geo- coordinates and the right keywords into the digital data associated with your pictures.


So similarly we’ll go establish all your social media sites. It goes well beyond Facebook and Twitter. Depending on the demands we’ll initially set up 50 to 100 of these sites. This is critical for your branding. The goal is for you to claim these sites before someone else that may have the same company name in another city does and forces you to alter the way you’re listed. Which is not optimal.


Lastly we will establish links for you on high domain authority (DA) websites that will fortify your presence with Google and the others. So for example, a link on The Wall Street Journal’s website is going to be better than on a blog a friend of yours just set up last week.


In summary, to rank in Maps we’ll optimize your Google My Business page, audit your citations and build directory, rich media social citations. And to rank organically we’ll make sure your website is optimized, is mobile responsive and schema is added. Followed up with a diverse, awesome link building strategy.




Our team is at the ready. The learning curve and the amount of time to learn all this will take you away from your core business. Creating the citations is tedious, they all have to be exact and cleaning up wrong ones is huge waste of time. Determining the right ones to get in isn’t easy, and building out fully optimized citations with optimized photos and every field filled out takes a long time.



We’re very different from most of the other local Round Rock SEO companies out there. Most will automate the process, do cookie cutter campaigns and just submit to X number of directories and keep you on a subscription.


Our campaigns are all hand built, customized for each local client for your keywords and location specifically. Each listing is fully optimized leaving no stone unturned, and you own 100% of all the citations for a one time fee.