5 Google AdWords Tips to Build a Campaign that Actually Converts

Google can open up your business to over 1 billion potential customers.

Google AdWords allows you to set up ads in relevant Google searches, and only pay when your ad is clicked. But even with Pay per Click, an unsuccessful campaign can be costly.

Getting started with Google AdWords can be tricky. If your campaign has any of the signs you have problems with your digital marketing campaign, or just want to improve your campaign, then we can help.

Read on for our 5 Google AdWords tips that will transform your campaign into a high-powered conversion machine!

1. Use Every Feature

Google AdWords is a potent tool. The more you dig into the system, the more features you will find.

It isn’t simply a case of putting in your keywords and your link. Expanded Text Ads offer more fields for you to fill out. These provide further context for your ad and allow you to present more information to your target customers. Always fill out every field that you can. The more information, the better results you will have.

Don’t stop at expanded text ads though.

Ad extensions provide more information to your customers than a typical ad. You can include extra links, reviews, snippets on your products and more besides.

Not every extension is relevant or useful to every campaign. But knowing what they are and how they work is essential to your ongoing marketing efforts.

2. Use Negative Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of Google Adwords.

You set the keywords that match the product or service that you are selling, and your ad shows up in searches for these terms. But did you know that you can set negative keywords as well?

Negative keywords set phrases that are not a match to your ad. By letting Google know what your advert doesn’t contain you can prevent your ads showing up in keyword searches that don’t match your product.

For example, if you are selling a product or service, you may want to include ‘free’ as a negative keyword. This will stop users looking for free software from seeing your ad. As they have already shown they are unwilling to pay, they would likely not convert even if they click the ad.

This reduces the number of impressions where the ad is irrelevant to the users’ search. This, in turn, boosts your click-through rate and will help you improve your click to conversion rate.

You can use negative keywords at the campaign level or group level for even more focus.

3. Geotarget your Ads

Geo-targeting allows you to target your ads to only appear to people in locations that you specify.

Having the ability to focus your marketing in a specific area is a powerful tool.

There are obvious benefits to those selling physical services tied to a specific location. If you only operate in and around a single city, there is no reason to advertise to people that can’t use your service.

Even if you offer your products and services worldwide, you can see benefits from Geo-targeting. You can focus on new areas of expansion, or continue your success in areas where you have already gained a foothold.

You can also be reactive with your ads. As trends change and new opportunities appear or close off, you can move your targeted areas.

Ultimately, you can help your marketing budget go further by avoiding ads going to people that can’t or won’t use your service. By extension, you will improve your conversion rate.

4. Build for Mobile

57% of online traffic in the United States now comes from mobile devices.

With so many of your potential customers browsing via mobile devices, you need to make sure you are catering for them.

Google AdWords has a wealth of analytics available. One of these allows you to see what type of device your leads used when they clicked on your advert.

To make the most out of these clicks, you should run campaigns optimized for mobile devices. These display the web differently to desktops. To be successful, your campaigns need to be in the right format.

Thanks to negative bidding you can easily target your ads to only one type of user. Create your campaigns twice, one with a mobile-optimized landing page, the other for desktop. Negative bid desktop and mobile respectively and your leads will have a better experience.

In fact, not only can this improve your conversions, it can save you money. The CPC for mobile ads is often lower than that of desktop ads, allowing your marketing budget to go even further.

5. Have a Relevant Landing Page

The goal of an ad campaign is to get potential customers to visit your website’s landing page and then make a sale.

Even if you have followed the rest of our advice, you can’t say you have run a successful AdWords text ad unless you convert your leads.

Your landing page is the final piece of the puzzle.

Don’t be tempted to take the easy route and use a generic landing page. Each landing page should be specific to your ad.

Make sure that your landing page continues the messaging you have used. By following your ad, the lead has shown that they are receptive to your message. If you switch up your language now, you may scare them off.

Match the keywords you have already used, and don’t stray off topic. You pay to get people to come to your landing page, so losing them here means you are throwing away your marketing budget.

The Best Google AdWords Tips

By following our Google AdWords tips, you will make sure that your marketing budget is put to good use.

You will be saving money, boosting your conversion rate, and making sure you target the right people. With this, you will be making money with PPC advertising.

If you want your business to be found online, contact us. At Load Your Head Marketing we offer professional marketing services to make sure that you show up in the searches that you should be in.